Obsidian's successfully-Kickstarted role-playing game, Project Eternity, has received an update featuring some actual in-game footage. While we don't see any gameplay, the star of the video is the environment.

The key word here is "dynamism." Even though everything is 2D, the weather and lighting effects in Obsidian's new engine for Project Eternity makes everything look alive and in 3D. There's dynamic water, foliage that moves, and a day/night cycle that makes the 2D plane look like a living, breathing painting.

Lead environment artist Hector Espinoza and rendering programmer Michael Edwards were instrumental in designing this environment and bringing it to life. By the look of things, their efforts should definitely be commended.

If you didn't help back the Kickstarter project, but still find yourself very intrigued or impressed with this footage, you can always head to the game's official site and become a Slacker Backer for $29, ensuring that you get a copy of the game for Steam or GOG.com when it's released in 2014.

Watch the video below and let your mind be blown by all of the dynamic elements in the environment.