VR headset support, professional driver consulting and actual circuit courses are just some of the features being put into Project CARS' development.

Andy Tudor, Slightly Mad Studios' creative director, has posted on the PlayStation Blog an inside look about Project CARS' inception, development and special features. Tudor explains that the game has been in development since 2011, as Slightly Mad Studios previously worked on the Test Drive and Need for Speed franchises before Project CARS. Whether it's riding GT cars, a 24-hour-long race in an LM Prototype or riding on a famous track, Slightly Mad Studios is working hard at making authentic, in-game replicas for as many aspects of the game as it can. Ben Collins, Oli Webb and Nicolas Hamilton are just some of the real racers who have been consulted to give elaborate details and critiques on how the cars should be and how the game should feel. Finally, Slightly Mad has confirmed that Project CARS will be one of the first PS4 games to support the Project Morpheus VR headset.

Be ready to hit the next-gen starting line when Project CARS debuts on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this November.