Credit goes to Phosphor Games, as the developer will not terminate Project Awakened even if the game doesn't meet its $500,000 target on Kickstarter.

The project received a slight boost several days ago when an impressive Unreal Engine 4 tech demo was released, and news that Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory was scoring the game also helped the cause.

In an interview with Joystiq, Phosphor Games director Chip Sineni expressed hope for a last minute surge for the Kickstarter campaign. "We are feeling stressed, but we still feel there is time for the community to help us make this happen," said Sineni.

If the Kickstarter efforts fail, Sineni added that the game will continue to be developed, albeit at a much slower pace. However, funding is not relegated to just Kickstarter or a few publishers. "We will keep looking," said Sineni.