Games in the App Store are always going on sale so we thought it would be nice to give you the heads up on the hottest games that have recently dropped in price. Some price drops are permanent and some are only for a few days. So grab these titles now! You never know if they'll go back up in price!

  • Bad Hotel

    Lucky Frame

    In Bad Hotel, you play the part of a budding entrepreneur, tasked with the challenge of running your business in the territory of one Tarnation Tadstock. Tadstock will do everything in his power to see that your hotel will not stand. So it's up to you to defend yourself against an onslaught of seagulls, rats, yetis, and more.

  • Flick Golf!

    Full Fat

    Have you seen greens fees today? Not in this economy, pal. Instead, hit the links for free with Flick Golf! It's one of the most addictive golf games out there. Why buy that expensive set of Callaways when you've got your finger!

  • Dueling Blades

    6waves Lolapps

    In Dueling Blades you get to wield your weapons of choice against bandits, pirates, and the undead. All of those nefarious parties are threatening the village of Willowsbrook. It's your job to make sure they will come to regret that. Try it out for free today!

  • Galactic Phantasy

    Moonfish Software

    Everyone loves a good space opera. With the huge 40-hour story that you get as a part of this great iOS game, Galactic Phantasy definitely fits the bill. We love big games that are set in space that treat their subject matter with the vastness it deserves. What's not vast in this case is what you'll have to pay for the game - just a buck!