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Kris Ezergailis/DC Comics/Sony Online Entertainment

DC Universe Online has a ton of great heroes and villains flying about, ready to give players some helpful advice or send them out to wreak havoc on the world. One of these heroes is the oh-so-lovely Power Girl, who is Superman's cousin. This meta minx has clobbered her way into becoming our Cosplay of the Day!

And by clobber, we mean that she knocked us out with her looks. Power Girl, or Kara, is just one of the many heroes you can find in the game. And she's not that hard to miss, considering her outfit is pretty iconic and is famous for showing off her mightiest of assets. She's lucky she's superpowered, otherwise she'd have back problems.

This is Ardella, an Australian cosplay with a knack for cosplaying great comic book characters. Thankfully, for us, Power Girl exists in the realms of both comics and video games! The outfit is almost an exact match except for the color of the belt and the slight variation in her cape's design, but we're not going to penalize her for it since she looks wonderful just the same.

View more of her awesome comic book cosplay on her Facebook page and show her some love!

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Valent Lau
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
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Andy Wana

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