Are you the type of Harry Potter fan that absolutely needs to eat, sleep, and breathe Harry Potter at all times? Dude, you’re scaring us. Luckily, Sony has you in mind as Pottermore, the interactive Harry Potter experience, has come to PlayStation home.

The Pottermore environments have gone live today, so head on over to participate in wizard duels, experience some book herding, get yourself dressed in some fancy Harry Potter duds, and partake in a variety of other Harry Potter themed activities. But if Harry Potter isn't your style, there are a variety of other new PS Home updates to occupy your time.

For example Codeglue has release DIY Racer, which allows you to race RC cars around your Home apartment like a race track. Two new full sized companions have also launched, allowing you to hired a big burly bouncer to follow you around or haunt yourself with a cursed spirit. Of course, if you are just in it for the clothes, a variety of new school uniforms, hoodies, jackets, and anime themed costumes have been made available for purchase.