Are you the type of person that likes to overshare things on the internet? Well, don't worry because you can share all the PS4 screenshots and videos you want without a Playstation Plus account.

The President of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida, quite succinctly answered the question as to whether sharing on the PS4 would require a Playstation Plus account. That answer is no. Evidently you'll be able to record, share, and stream to your heart's content without every having to purchase the upgraded account.

This is just another aspect that sets the PS4 apart from the Xbox One. Microsoft, on the other hand, is requiring an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to record and share what gaming antics you've been to with your friends.

For cash strapped sharing junkies, the PS4 might be your best bet for the next-gen. But, don't blame Sony when people unfriend you after your 200th let's play posted to Facebook.