ThreeZero isn’t the only toy company that’s making fully-articulated figures based on Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai is also releasing a Titan and Pilot set, and it unveiled the first images of the fully painted figures.

At around 12 inches, Play Arts’ Titan is somewhat smaller than ThreeZero’s 20.5” monster, but the images on Play Arts’ Facebook page show an extraordinarily highly detailed figure. This version of the Titan features an intricate paint job that gives a heavily weathered look to the mech. No details were given about articulation, but given Play Arts’ history, we’re expecting quite a bit of posability.

A pilot figure comes with the Titan, and is able to be seated in the cockpit. While not as insanely detailed as ThreeZero’s 6” figure, the approximately 4” pilot looks nice, with fine details and a vibrant paint job. From the images, it appears that the pilot will feature very limited articulation.

Titanfall has been a huge hit, and for many, the best reason to own an Xbox One. With two companies making high-end toys based on the game, fans will have plenty of opportunity to show their love of the title on their shelves. No price has been announced for Square Enix’s release, but we expect it to be well below the ThreeZero figure’s price of $430.