These two videos for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth depict some of the demon summoning, combat we have come to expect from this Velvet Room remix.

Today we got a peek at two perspectives into Persona Q's battles. The first video shows off the various attacks you can expect within this mash-up between the Persona and Etrian Odyssey series. Similar to Etrian Odyssey, all of your dungeon exploration will be taking place from a first-person perspective. While its combat certainly isn't narrowed down to first-person, there is a distinct focus on this viewpoint (especially when selecting targets) that we have not seen fully utilized in this manner during previous entries of the Persona series, which results in some dynamic camera angle changes.

The second video of Persona Q we have for you today focuses on the game's Boost System. Boosting will allow a player to do a significantly higher amount of damage they normally wouldn't do. If you have multiple party members all in Boost mode, doing the series' infamous All-Out Attack will result in a much more destructive effect.

Be prepared to unite the casts of Persona 3 and 4 on this Nintendo 3DS RPG when it debuts this fall.