Pavilion Trailer: Experience the Fourth-Person Puzzler


An all-new experience is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in the form of a fourth-person puzzler called Pavilion. Say that a bunch of times fast.

Henrik Fink, co-founder and Creative Director at Visiontrick Media, posted on the PlayStation Blog to give us a look at Pavilion. It was first announced during Tokyo Game Show in 2013, but now we have a better look at it thanks to the trailer above and the two screenshots below.

In Pavilion, you must help a man navigate his way around a mysterious world, without the help of tutorials or any hand-holding at all. Pavilion is called a fourth-person puzzler because you do not control the man directly, but interact with the objects around the world to guide him around and influence his exploration.

"Like many other games, Pavilion will be an experience best played without knowing too much about what lies ahead," Fink said. "So we're not going to give away too much." A puzzler that's wrapped around an enigmatic plot? We're all in, folks. There is no set release date for Pavilion yet, but it should be coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sometime this year.

Visiontrick Media
Visiontrick Media
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