Got a bit of a throwback in today's Cosplay of the Day as we put the spotlight on Orchid, from the classic fighting game, Killer Instinct. If you didn't believe you could have a crush on a video game character, you'd probably believe it after righting as this green-clad fighter.

And what makes Orchid so cool is that she was actually a spy, sent to investigate the goings-on at the Killer Instinct tournament, yet she looks like no spy we've ever seen. One of her finishing moves involved flashing her opponent, the sight of which would give her foe's heart attacks. That's right, folks -- she literally had a killer body.

Samantha, from NaosaCosplay, rocks it as Orchid in her look from the first Killer Instinct. And it's a good thing that she doesn't have the exaggerated proportions that her video game counterpart had, otherwise there'd probably be injuries everywhere, both to her and the general public. Though she's armed with Orchid's signature tonfas, her greatest weapon is her looks.

Come check out more of Samantha's work on her Facebook page, and let us know if you enjoyed this little blast from the past.

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