We're no fans of needles and hospitals, but we sure don't mind a pretty nurse when we see one. And in today's Cosplay of the Day, we welcome Nurse Akali, from League of Legends.

Akali is a shadow warrior from an ancient order tasked with preserving balance known as the Kinkou. She usually looks like a pretty fierce warrior in her normal garb, but the Nurse alternate skin gives her a decidedly more appealing look, especially since her face isn't covered.

Here is Tanita Osaki, a German cosplayer, all dressed up as the good nurse herself. We're not sure what kind of bedside manner she'd have while toting around those kai blades, but she's so pretty that we wouldn't care.

Take a look at more of her cosplay work on deviantART and let us know what you think of this ninja nurse.

Christoph Gerlach
Christoph Gerlach
Erik Blume

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