There's just something about fighting games and their unique characters that always seems to produce such interesting cosplay pieces. Today's featured character is BlazBlue's Noel Vermillion.

She's an artificially-created human being that was born on Christmas and then adopted by a family. Noel grew up in Switzerland and eventually made it into the Military Academy and immediately joined the army upon her graduation. In the hopes to restore her adoptive family's former aristocratic status, she agreed to undertake solo assassination missions. However you slice it, this girl is both dutiful and dangerous.

Here's electric-lady as Noel, looking like she just stepped out of the game. We're always fascinated by fighting game character designs, especially those from Arc System Works, and though Noel might have a tamer design, it's still very attractive. If there's anything missing from electric-lady's costume, then we can't find it. This is one accurate outfit that deserves all of the praise it can handle.

Check out all electric-lady's other cosplay work on her deviantART. You'll see a lot of anime-inspired outfits, like from Code Geass and Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt, as well as more video game cosplay. This cosplayer is one to watch!