Any gamer can relate to being under parental rule. Maybe your gaming time on the only TV in the house is under threat by old people and their love of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Maybe you simply don’t like being told when to turn off your game. Come on parents, we need to make it to the next checkpoint so we can save! But, occasionally a gamer takes it too far. This kid argues that there’s nothing to do outside. Considering their accents, this is a valid argument. Why wouldn’t you sink days into a game rather than frolic in the peat bogs of the British Isles? Well, when you argue with authority, you might end up paying the ultimate price: wailing while you pick up the broken pieces of your Xbox that went sailing out the window. Little gamers, listen to your parents. You’ll eventually have your own basement apartment and all the time in the world to play Halo.