It looks as though the infamous children's meal from the world's most popular fast food franchise is about to turn super.

Eurogamer reported that Nintendo UK has announced that it is teaming up with McDonald's in order to start producing Happy Meal toys based on Mario and the rest of the gang. These small figurines, which include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Donkey Kong, are going to be available from March 19 to April 29. This also includes three different toys of Mario in some of his more iconic settings.

This joint venture between Nintendo UK and McDonald's coincides with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's announcement that the company would like to be more open in licensing out its characters in order to help promote them to wider audiences. We haven't seen Mario grace a Happy Meal box (why did they switch to bags?) since McDonald's carried the promotional toys for Super Mario Bros. 3. Hopefully they make their way to the States some day.