This next-gen puzzle title is shaping up quite nicely for its upcoming PlayStation 4 release.

Jonathan Blow, president of Thekla Inc., announced on the PlayStation Blog that the development of The Witness is nearly done for PlayStation 4. The Witness is a 3D puzzle/adventure hybrid set in a first-person perspective. You play a character who must navigate parts of an island that is filled with gadgets and puzzles for you to use and solve in order to help unlock areas that were previously blocked-off.

Blow explains that Thekla Inc. are going to have The Witness to display at 1080p and running at 60 frames per second with absolutely no loading screens. Surprisingly, a statistical breakdown of The Witness shows that there is going to be 1.2GB of audio included included that takes up more than 44 percent of the game's total 2.7GB size.

The Witness will be coming out later this year for PlayStation 4 first. Thekla Inc. also has PC and iOS versions of The Witness in the works. There is also a rather high possibility that Thekla Inc. may eventually release The Witness later on for other consoles.