Stern dropped a bombshell the other day that the next pin in their continuing lineup was going to be based on Metallica, one of the biggest heavy metal bands in rock history.

Stern released a teaser video with Metallica frontman James Hetfield announcing the release. And now, just two days later, they've released playfield and machine images of their Pro, Premium and LE versions.

Stern usually releases different versions of their pins. They did this with AC/DC when that machine was released and now they're doing the same thing with Metallica.

The Pro versions are the cheapest. Followed by the Premium and then the Limited Editions, which they usually only make a couple hundred of. No pricing has been announced yet, but it'll probably cost at least $6k for the cheapest model. Each version looks different and usually has different gameplay modes and features (which you can see here), that set them apart from each other.

No matter which one you buy, you'll have the most popular parties on the block with this bad boy in your basement or living room. No official release date has been announced but we'll keep you updated.

Check out the images below. Will you be purchasing a Metallica pinball machine?

*update* Stern just posted this on their Facebook page:

"Our US allocation for Metallica Master of Puppets has sold out within the
first hour of our detailed announcement."

Wow. This is going to be one popular machine for Stern!

Metallica Premium
Metallica Premium Playfield
Metallica Pro
Metallica Pro Playfield
Metallica Master of Puppets LE
Metallica Master of Puppets LE Playfield