Fancy the Legend of Zelda protagonist Link? Then you might be interested in this new realistic action figure from Medicom.

The Real Action Hero line features characters recreated with stunning accuracy. From the weapons to the facial sculpts, there's plenty to love about how on point Medicom is with this line. Factor in the real fabric clothing, and you've got an impressive piece of work that could rival similar products from Hot Toys.

Medicom has now turned its eyes to The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword for its next figure. The Skyward Sword Link looks like he jumped right out of the game, and into your living room. Every aspect of the figure, from the Master Sword to the Hylian shield, is amazingly detailed, which makes buying this figure quite an interesting proposition.

According to Digitamin Blog (translated by Tomopop), the figure will be up for pre-order on March 24th for ¥20,790 (about $220). Link isn't due out for release until November, but if you want one, you had better make your mind up quick. Even at more than $200, these are sure to go fast.