New Jersey's SAFE Task Force has compiled a hefty report detailing a plan it hopes state governor Chris Christie will enact in an effort to curb mass violence.

The report, discovered by Gamespot, included more than a few bullet point suggestions on how New Jersey could better regulate the availability of violent media, including video games. "The interactive nature of video games, as opposed to other forms of media, may dictate particular regulation of such games," said the report.

Chief among the ways SAFE is hoping to regulate games in NJ would be the addition of a mandatory identification check proving date of birth for Mature or Adults Only rated titles. The report also asked for the ESRB ratings to be place more prominently at the point-of-sale, while also offering that retailers should continue to post the ratings elsewhere in stores.

As far as the state government is concerned, SAFE would like to see any and all violent games pulled from state-run facilities such as rest stops. The group also seeks for the government to review the way violent materials are marketed, and if there is a lean towards promotion of such items to a young audience.

Of course, the group also understands violent media isn't the sole contributor to antagonistic behavior. SAFE is merely trying to cultivate an environment that harbors "healthy" media decisions. "While several major public health organizations have voiced their shared conviction that exposure to violent media leads to more aggressive attitudes, values and behavior, they have also acknowledged that it is not the sole, or even the most important, factor contributing to youth aggression, anti-social attitudes, and violence," the group stated.

Whether New Jersey's lawmakers will respond remains to be seen. What do you think of SAFE's ideas?