The great thing about iOS gaming is you can play some awesome games no matter where you're at, without having to carry around extra peripherals to enjoy them. Now a new controller has hit the market with the hopes that iOS gamers used to touch controls will want some real buttons to play with.

The Duo Gamer by Discovery Bay Games is a $79.99 Bluetooth controller for your iPad. It has two analog sticks, four buttons, a start button, two shoulder buttons and a 4-way directional pad. It also comes with a dock that you can set your iPad on, which is pretty convenient. Only one problem though ...

The Duo Gamer will only work with Gameloft games. Asphalt 7: Heat,  Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Order & Chaos Online, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, and N.O.V.A. 3 are the only games compatible with the Duo Gamer right now. Meaning it doesn't work with The Dark Knight Rises or any other Gameloft title. Yet.

The Duo Gamer will give you a definite edge with online multi-player deathmatches, and you can hook up your cool new iPad via HDMI and play it on your giant HD television set. Which defeats the purpose of having an iPad in the first place. May as well just play your 360 or PS3 if you're gonna go that route.

It runs on two AA batterie. No word on how long they last. The Duo Gamer only works with iOS titles. Unless there's an update, don't bother trying to connect it to your Android or Windows device.

It's a cool idea, and certainly not the first peripheral that's out there for your iPad. But for $80, and to only be compatible with a handful of games at launch? May not be worth the price tag until more games are available. The Duo Gamer will be available through on October 5th, and also places like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. If you pick one up, let us know if you like it.