Atlus Japan has released a new trailer and some screenshots for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game Dragon's Crown, and it looks more amazing than ever.

Vanillaware is no slouch in the visuals department, and the company's latest game Dragon's Crown is no exception. Just a few days after the Japanese release date was announced, a new website for the game launched featuring fresh images and a trailer sure to make you a believer.

The fantasy world Vanillaware has created is brought to life with stunning beauty, and though the highly-stylized female characters may draw some eye-rolls, there's no denying the awesomeness of the graphics. The game isn't due out until July 25th in Japan, but hopefully a Western release won't be far behind. In addition to the new trailer and screens, Atlus announced an art book for the game would also be released. Hopefully that too makes its way to North American audiences.

Check out the screens and trailer below. Just try not to get any drool on your keyboard.