These new screenshots and character class details from Dragon Age: Inquisition has us ready to face the onslaught of the Fade.

Total Xbox has unveiled a collection of crisp, new screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition that were scattered about the game's official website. These screenshots depict a lot of beautiful locations and awesome fights that we can't wait to try for ourselves as the Inquisitor. We even have our favorite Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan, donning some actual tailor-made clothes for once in a very regal setting. Of course, it wouldn't be Dragon Age unless we had a few epic dragon and monster pictures showing just some of the baddies that plan on pulling you back to the Fade.

First, we have our armored melee classes, the Warrior and the Champion. The Warrior is primarily a front-line fighter that will tank most of your enemies. Make sure you have a healer to keep him alive and you should get through most fights just fine, just as long as you have Shield Wall activated. The Warrior will also get to branch off into the advanced classes of either the magic-stopping Templar or the damage-dealing Reaver. Instead of tanking your enemies, the Champion will protect nearby allies as he shrugs off enemy attacks.

Magic-wielding classes include the Mage and Knight Enchanter. The Mage uses the energy of the Fade, which means he can use ice, fire or even heal. Of course, robes aren't as protective as armor, so you're going to need a heavy melee class to tank your enemies so your mage can blow them away. Mages can specialize as either a Necromancer for undead and black magic, or as a Rift Mage. Knight Enchanters are actually melee combatants who wield arcane blades made of magic while shielding themselves in protective spells in order to combat enemies, similar to Dragon Age: Origin's Blood Mage.

Fans of leather and sneaking can choose either the Rogue or Artificer class. Rogues can wield bows or daggers, depending on your preference, and can specialize to be either an Assassin or Tempest. Artificers employ traps and engineer weapons to use modern technology to take out enemies from afar.

Be prepared to choose your Inquisitor to close the breach when Dragon Age: Inquisition debuts on Oct. 7 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.