This newest batch of information about Destiny is reminding us why we think Bungie's return to the FPS genre will be yet another game-changer from the Halo studio.

Bungie unveiled a collection of new screenshots and details (spotted by OXM UK) in regards to the first original IP has done in nearly 13 years. The first new detail we have learned is that Destiny will not be featuring any type of AI-controlled character to be your helper in Bungie's shared-world shooter. On Destiny's official message board, a Bungie representative answered a fan's question about AI-driven assistants with the following, "why would you want to recruit a Non-Player Character, when the world of Destiny is populated with Guardians? Every hero from the last safe city on Earth will be driven by a living, thinking player with a racing pulse and an itchy trigger finger."

"You'll come across characters bound to the software, of course, but your allies will be the other players who join you on your adventures," the Bungie representative added.

In regards to item customization, you will be able to find raw materials necessary to upgrade your guns and inventory in various locations, such as the inside of a spaceship or out in the wilds. These rewards will not be randomized and will be determined based on the things that you need in order to upgrade your character.

The third detail Bungie has let known is that Guardians (Destiny's Player Characters) will be able to change their loadouts when playing Destiny's competitive multiplayer matches. Instead of choosing a starting loadout, you will be able to make changes on the fly. This is most likely done in order to make Destiny's competitive multiplayer gameplay feel more in tune with the game's open world experience where you will have access to your full inventory at any time. Bungie also hints that changing your equipment and looting your items in the multiplayer arena will leave you open to be shot at, so you should think wisely and only go through your inventory while hiding out of sight.

Throughout the five Halo titles Bungie worked on, it has certainly learned a lot in regards to the genre of first-person shooters while simultaneously revolutionizing the genre as well. Destiny will be Bungie's latest attempt to once again change the FPS genre as we know it. Be ready to explore and shoot your way to stardom once Destiny comes out on Sept. 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Also, keep an eye out for Destiny's beta (pre-ordering Destiny warrants you beta access), which will be happening this summer.