Did you really think the Angry Birds would stand by and let the Bad Piggies have all of the iOS glory to themselves? Of course not!

After yesterday's reveal of Angry Birds Star Wars, the last thing we were expecting was another big surprise. But all good combos come in a quick 1-2. With the v2.3.0 update, Rovio has gilded their feathered juggernaut once again with 30 new levels of stuff to destroy.

The first episode is a tip of the cap to the new Bad Piggies game, with each level packed full of the recognizable structures from that game. In addition, there's 15 more levels that were added to the Surf and Turf episode.

As of right now, this latest update has only rolled out for the iPhone. But this is Rovio we're talking about. The iPad version will be soon to follow.