New Alien: Isolation Screens Features One Sneaky Monster

Creative Assembly

In 'Aliens,' they were coming out of the walls, but in these new Alien: Isolation screens, the lone Xenomorph menace is lurking out of sight.

Much like Ridley Scott's haunting original, Alien: Isolation seeks to rebuild the space slasher by focusing on the environment and atmosphere in order to help terrorize fans the most. Based on these newest screenshots, it looks as if the team at Creative Assembly is well on the way to living up to Scott's precedent.

Since Isolation seeks to reintroduce aspects of the original 'Alien' film, your character (Ripley's daughter) is trying to fend off an alien attack on her lonesome and with limited supplies. Instead of assault rifles, you will simply have the hardware you find on a cargo ship. Instead of a military-grade motion-tracker like Hicks had in the sequel, you have a makeshift one that you made on the ship. If you look at these screenshots closely, you can actually see where the alien is almost blending into his environment perfectly (hint: look at the motion tracker in all of the pictures).

As always, the alien and atmosphere both mess with your head in order to keep your stress levels at the max. So expect to find bloody corpses, dismembered androids (will an android in Isolation betray this Ripley as well?), hissing pipes and lots of shadows.

Alien: Isolation is expected to be out around the end of the year for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Creative Assembly
Creative Assembly
Creative Assembly
Creative Assembly
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