Naughty Dog Details The Last of Us DLC

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Naughty Dog

Though a season pass was offered back when The Last of Us released in June, very few details about the potential add-ons were revealed. Today, Naughty Dog cleared up its DLC intentions.

There will be three different downloadable content drops, with two focusing on multiplayer and a single story-based add-on coming as well. The single-player content will release sometime this winter, with Naughty Dog shooting for a December/January window. According to community strategist Eric Monacelli's post on the PlayStation blog, Naughty Dog just cast an all-new character, and performance capture will start next week for the new story content.

As to the multiplayer offerings, the first will be the Abandoned Territories map pack. Due on Oct. 15, the maps will expand the playable areas for Factions mode, and includes four maps (Suburbs, Bookstore, Bus Depot, Hometown). The second multiplayer addition won't be out until sometime in 2014, as Naughty Dog is still figuring out just what this content will offer. More details will come in future months, but to tide players over, Naughty Dog will release 60 new head items for free to all season pass subscribers. The items will be available to everyone else for purchase, too.

While we're eager to see what Naughty Dog has planned for the solo DLC, the new maps and items will surely be welcome additions for devoted multiplayer fans. You can check out some new screens of the upcoming maps while you wait patiently for Oct. 15 to arrive.

Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog
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