This is a word of warning to all iOS devices out there -- beware! The Mushroom Wars are coming. Yes that's right, the former PlayStation Network hit is ready to fire a fungal fusillade at your iPads. Brace yourself.

Mushroom Wars has already collected many kudos for its whimsical take on the real-time strategy genre. Developer Creat Studios has decided to build upon that good PSN momentum and bring that same formula over to the tablet market.

To go along with the 27 missions in Mushroom Wars, iPad gamers will get a storyline that's delivered through an in-game comic book. The game will also link to your Facebook friends and challenge you to beat their high scores.

From what we can tell, the core strategy gameplay here will translate over to touchscreen controls quite smoothly. It might even be better, in the case of other popular titles such as World of Goo. We will find out when Mushroom Wars hits the App Store next Thursday, January 24th.

Check out the trailer below: