Monster Hunter in Kirin Armor - Cosplay of the Day

Marco Mallegni/Capcom

Today's Cosplay of the Day is another user-generated character, but one that rocks a pretty specific outfit from Monster Hunter. Here's a female hunter with the stylish Kirin Armor!

The Kirin is an electrifying monster that can attack with lightning. Taking it down is no easy feat, but those that do are rewarded with the parts they need to craft their own Kirin Armor and all of the bonuses it entails.

This monster huntress is Francesca, an Italian cosplayer with an eye for good fashion and great taste in games. As you can see from the comparison shot above, she absolutely nails the look. If we weren't so sure that Kirin didn't exist in our world, then we could have sworn that she hunted one down herself and made armor out of it. We get a delight from seeing such accurate costumes and Francesca's is among one of the best.

Check out her deviantART page to get a look at some of her more impressive (if you can believe that), pieces of cosplay!

Marco Mallegni
Marco Mallegni
Marco Mallegni
Marco Mallegni
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