The latest project done by Mojang, the indie studio responsible for the worldwide addiction of Minecraft, might not be as blocky as we'd like, but we're glad to see that its coming out for a tablet release.

On Scrolls' official website, Mojang has officially stated that a tablet version of Scrolls is being made with the assistance of Lodosity to help port Scrolls over to iOS and Android tablet devices. Scrolls entered its open beta stage this past June for PC and Mojang continues to tweak aspects of its strategic gameplay to this day.

Scrolls combines aspects of traditional board games along with the collectible card games genre in order to provide a unique, strategy-based experience. You must use "scrolls", card-like items, to help place units on the battlefield and to break through the enemy lines and destroy three out of five of your opposing player's five idols at the end of the arena in order to win a battle.

Scrolls is also incorporating a new ranking system, a new tutorial, a demo version of scrolls and is fixing aspects of its audio and visual systems for its current beta. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any form of launch window attached to Scrolls' tablet version.