Mitsuru Kirijo has made an appearance before as a combatant in the Cosplay Clash. But now we're putting the spotlight on her again because of how wonderful her character design is, so say hello to the French-obsessed student council president, Mitsuru!

Ms. Kirijo is aristocratic, likes to drop French phrases every now and then, and prefers to use a rapier in battle. While she was the student council president in Persona 3, her role in Persona 4 Arena was that of a combatant. Her fierce attacks leave opponents stunned and open for her more powerful techniques, making her a beauty that definitely can brawl.

Here is JingleBooBoo as Mitsuru in her battle outfit. She's got every component of the suit represented accurately. She's even got a holster that holds Mitsuru's evoker, the special gun that allows her to summon her Persona. The most impressive part of the costume is her hair, which is styled so that it has the same curls and waviness that Mitsuru's coif enjoys.

Check out more of JingleBooBoo's amazing cosplay work on deviantART. We promise it will be worth your time and attention!

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