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Who's that Pokemon character?! It's MISTY!

In honor of today's big Pokemon X and Y announcement, the Cosplay of the Day is none other than Misty, part of the original trio in the Pokemon animated TV series and the leader of the Cerulean Gym! And she's being cosplayed in great form by Sailor Mappy, of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Mappy's outfit is deceptively simple, but she hits all the points of Misty's clothing. She even totes around her own Staryu and isn't afraid to get in the water, which is something we're sure that Misty would appreciate.

What's especially impressive is her attention to detail, as evidenced by her shoes. They're exactly like Misty's sneakers and even have the yellow zig-zags on them! Mappy's hair is on point too, put up into the character's signature side-tail with the correct hair tie. Add the red bag to the equation and Mappy might as well have jumped out from the TV show to scold us and then lecture us about the finer points of being both a lady and a world-class Pokemon trainer.

If you want to see more of Mappy's cosplaying, visit her Facebook or deviantART. Maybe if you ask her, she'll tweak her Misty costume and figure out how to craft the mermaid outfit from that one episode, then we'd be even more impressed.

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