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Miss Fortune is one of those iconic League of Legends champions that are recognizable even beyond the game's fanbase. It is due to her popularity and attractive looks that we've decided it's high time to feature her as a Cosplay of the Day. Get ready to set sail with this precocious pirate captain!

She's got a huge hat and rocks two huge guns called "Shock and Awe," making Miss Fortune one very memorable character. She can absolutely destroy her opponents in League of Legends with her incredible firepower, speed and slow-down abilities, but it's her seductive voice that's probably her greatest immobilizing weapon. Are we sure we can handle her? No, but we sure as hell are going to try!

This is Giada Robin, an Italian cosplayer who's accurately depicted Miss Fortune's signature outfit. While we're big fans of alternate skins and costumes, this original look is so iconic to the game and so well-done that we can't help but stare in shock and awe. This is easily one of the best League of Legends cosplays we've seen recently, and you can bet it deserves a spot as a Cosplay of the Day.

Check out more of Giada's work on her Facebook and become a fan of this seafaring bounty hunter!


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