Minecraft Skin Pack 6 Block-ifies Dragon Age II, Super Time Force


As we reported last week, Mojang is bringing new, game-themed skins to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, including characters from Killer Instinct, Trials Fusion and the Mirror’s Edge prequel. Today PlayXBLA revealed two more games that will be included in Skin Pack 6--Super Time Force and Dragon Age II.

Newly released images from Skin Pack 6 show seven characters from Dragon Age II and six from Super Time Force. The Super Time Force roster includes voxelated versions of Shieldy Blockerson, Jef Leppard, Jean Rambois, Aimy McKillin, Commander Repeatski and Zackasaurus. All six will appear in Minecraft in an appropriate 8-bit style, featuring simpler coloration than most Minecraft skins.

From Dragon Age II, we get male and female versions of protagonist, Hawke, as well as Merrill, Isabella, Flemeth, Varric and someone who, based on appearance, is either Elven warrior Fenris or Will Ferrell’s character from Zoolander, Jacob Mugatu. The smart money is on Fenris.

All five of the previous Skin Packs have featured 45 total characters, approximately evenly split between licensed characters and original Mojang designs. These 13 additions bring Skin Pack 6’s total to 23, so we’re not expecting any more character announcements before the $2 DLC becomes available.

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