Minecraft PS3 Update Adds Skins from PlayStation Favorite Titles


The cast of Heavy Rain, the Uncharted series, Sly Cooper and Killzone are just some of the blocky models you will get to bring into your created worlds on Minecraft.

Owen Hill, chief word officer of Mojang, has posted on the PlayStation Blog about this latest update being added to the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft. Two skin packs are going to be available with this update as well. The Battle and Beasts skin pack include cavemen, koalas, a Cleopatra look-a-like and an octopus. The other skin pack being offered features skins of Nathan Drake, the Heavy Rain cast, Sly Cooper and some soldiers from Killzone. Having the origami killer from Heavy Rain be made in the visual style of Minecraft sounds like it could be very awesome.

This update also includes two new texture packs. The Plastic Texture pack makes everything look like it's covered in plastic while the City Texture pack seems perfect for those looking for a more sleek and modern design with their Minecraft builds. Also be prepared for zombie villagers, new chests, Emeralds and a higher droprate on porkchops in this latest update to Minecraft.

Hill also mentioned in the comments of the article that discounts on skin/texture packs could happen and that there is no release date set for the PS Vita version of Minecraft yet.

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