Per IGN, Metroid Prime lead level designer Jason Behr is developing Buddy & Me, an iOS and Android title for his new studio, Sunbreak Games. Unfortunately, it has some tough sledding to do if it wants to meet its Kickstarter goal.

Sunbreak Games is seeking $40,000 in pledges, and currently they're at a little over $24,000. That's great if your Kickstarter campaign is just halfway done, but the project must reach its goal by Saturday, April 20th.

The story centers on a boy who dreams of an enchanted forest filled with adventure. Accompanying him on his nightly journey is a magical flying creature named Buddy.

If their dream turns into a reality, Sunbreak Games is hoping to have the title finished in June. In the slim prospect that they reach their $55,000 stretch goal, Buddy & Me will also be developed for the Nintendo Wii U.