Metal Gear Solid 5 Trailer: Quiet Beginnings

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Kojima promised we'd get to see more of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain character Quiet this week, and he did not disappoint. Not only did we get some screens of the character model, but we also got a brief behind-the-scenes video with the actress playing Quiet in the anticipated title.

When Kojima was talking about making characters more "erotic," he wasn't kidding around. The full character reveal for Quiet shows a woman primed for battle... if that battle was taking place at Burning Man. The practicality of torn tights and a bikini with boots, even for a sniper, is basically nil. We've seen some pretty out there character designs in the past, but Quiet is definitely one of the most overtly sexual we've seen in a while in the series.

Now, it's certainly not going to stop us from playing the game at all. We're willing to give Hideo the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a character's costume. Whether or not the reasoning behind her couture is something people believe, that's another matter all together. Regardless, we're still excited for Metal Gear Solid 5. We just some more actual game footage will be available soon.

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Kojima Productions
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