There is a game on the horizon called 1001 Attempts. If you're thinking that it will take you over one thousand tries to accomplish something in the game, then you're on the right track. But just what are you attempting to do?

Straight from the minds of the evil wizards at Everplay, developers of Spellsword, 1001 Attempts is a retro puzzle game that will have your little two-legged pixel guy bouncing all over the screen, trying to stay alive by avoiding hazards like saw blades, drill bits, and laser beams. Sounds like things can get a little rough in this title. And we like brutal retro gameplay here at Arcade Sushi.

There is constant danger present in 1001 Attempts, with pretty much everything in the game designed to kill you. The idea is to last as long as you can. But a round can be over in seconds if you're not on your toes.

1001 Attempts is scheduled to hit the App Store on February 28th for iPhone and iPad.

Check out the action below: