Meerkatz Challenge Trailer: Finding a Home can be Puzzling and Fun


Be ready to spend these long summer days guiding some charming critters to their new home in Meerkatz Challenge.

Lemmings-style gameplay has never been as adorable or as furry as it is in this upcoming iOS title, Meerkatz Challenge. This puzzle-platformer hybrid is coming to iPhones and iPads very soon, and Travian Games is proud to announce some of Meerkatz Challenge's upcoming features.

The Meerkatz themselves are playful, bipedal critters who need help traversing the world to find a new home. You must help guide these little guys through various levels set in Africa to help the Meerkatz find the perfect place to settle. Your litter of Meerkatz will walk through a level without stopping, and it's your job to set special workers at pivotal locations throughout the stage to help guide the rest of its brethren safely to each goal. These special Meerkatz can dig while others will help its cohorts jump, glide and run past some nasty pitfalls on the way to each level's goal.

Meerkatz Challenge will bring its 50+ levels of hand-drawn goodness to iPhones and iPads on July 24.

Travian Games
Travian Games
Travian Games
Travian Games
Travian Games
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