Kratos is one of gaming’s most formidable and intimidating protagonists. The God of War star is a hulking, musclebound demi-god with massive dual swords on chains and skin covered in the ashes of his family. Gross.

Walking into your living room and seeing the 6’5” monster standing in front of your TV would certainly be a terrifying experience. Walking into your living room and seeing a 19" version of him on a bookshelf, however, would be pretty awesome. Sculpting group Gaming Heads is making that scenario a very real possibility, thanks to their upcoming Kratos ¼ scale statue.

The exclusive statue, scheduled for an early 2015 release, stands 19" tall, presenting an impressive and suitably angry Kratos. Perched atop a faux stone base, Kratos attacks with twin, light-up Blades of Chaos. When turned on, the blades glow red, then slowly fade to yellow. It’s a very nicely-made piece, from the highly-detailed chains wrapped around his arms to the excellent paint job that makes his alabaster skin seem life-like. Each numbered piece comes in deluxe, full-color packaging with a hand numbered base and a certificate of authenticity. The certificate allows collectors to pre-order the same numbered version of future God of War statues from Game Heads.

At $349, the statue is no kid’s toy, but diehard fans of the God of War series will jump at the opportunity to own the biggest, meanest-looking depiction of Kratos ever produced. Only 500 are being made, so interested collectors should pre-order now before the statues double in price on eBay.