"Citadel," the final downloadable content to be released for Mass Effect 3, will be split into two separate downloads for Xbox 360 gamers. The first pack costs $14.99, but the second pack is a free download.

In today's BioWare blog, the developers added they are splitting Citadel since it is larger than the game's previous DLC content. Although players can download pack 2 without buying the first pack, the DLC will not work if the initial pack is not downloaded.

"Citadel" can be played after gamers stop the Cerberus coup attempt and before starting their attack on Cronos Station. Don't expect a cataclysmic change in Shepard's life, as completion of the "Citadel" DLC will not affect the outcome of Mass Effect 3.

The split packs only affects Xbox 360 owners, so one is the loneliest number for PC and PlayStation 3 owners when the DLC comes out March 5th.