Some new screenshots for the Lovecraftian action game, Magrunner: Dark Pulse, have been released, giving us a look at the environments we'll see our hero Dax journeying through in his mission to complete the Magrunner training program.

Dax has been chosen by the MagTech Corporation to run through the rigorous training program, but the exercise is disrupted when a power outage and some rumbling results in pretty horrific happenings, like the emergence of Dark Youngs from Cthulhu.

Lovecraftian elder gods and sci-fi tech in a game? Yes, please! Dax must fight through the rest of the training rooms and try to survive with his fellow participants in order to contact the outside world!

There's no release date set for this game yet, but it will be available for download on PC, the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, and on the Xbox 360's Xbox LIVE Arcade service.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know if this game piques your interest!