The latest video game to receive copious amounts of funding on Kickstarter is Mage's Initiation. With just less than a week left in the project's funding window, the developers have released a demo to entice backers, perhaps in the hopes of reaching some stretch goals.

As of this writing, the folks at Himalaya Studios, Inc. have $91,919 pledged out of their original $65,000 goal for their Sierra-styled adventure game. This means they've reached two stretch goals and are fast-approaching a third, at $95,000, which will include new quests for each of the character classes.

They've recently released a playable demo that's an early alpha stage of the game. They want to gather feedback about the user interface and combat system with the goal of tweaking things for the final product. Players are asked to copy and paste error messages to the "Technical & Bugs" forum on their official website.

The 32.6MB demo can be downloaded here and errors can be posted on the forum. If you'd like to offer up some cash to help Himalaya Studios reach their stretch goals, then visit the Kickstarter page here.

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