Welcome to Underdome, y'all! Today's featured character is the hostess with the most-est, Mad Moxxi from Borderlands!

She hosts the fun times at the Underdome and is one of the more interesting characters in the game. She positively oozes sex appeal and has conquered many husbands and lovers in her time. We're not sure what it is about her design that's so attractive, but we're willing to bet that it has to do with that hat. It's a cute hat, right? Or maybe it's the way she uses that megaphone? Whatever it is, she's great.

Here's Russian cosplayer, Mono Abel, who looks almost exactly like the in-game character model! Her makeup is applied in such a way that it seems like her whole body is cel-shaded. It's a very impressive costume and is among one of the most accurate portrayals we've featured to date.

If you want to see more of this awesome set, as well as some others from games like Tekken and Fallout 3, check out her deviantART page!