The absolutely brilliant adventure game Machinarium is making its way to the PS Vita on March 26th.

Machinarium was released to a fanfare of praise that still echoes today. The first rate adventure game was a master class in visual storytelling. There were hardly any words or bits of dialogue through the whole journey. The story was conveyed through symbols, movements, and metaphor which made it all the more engrossing and complex. Couple that with a wonderfully atmospheric and unique soundtrack and we had ourselves a contemporary classic.

Machinarium was originally released for PC and Mac and was then ported over to the PS3 with some shiny new graphics to highlight all that rusted tin. Now though, Machinarium will be brought to the PS Vita with some subtle tweaks to utilize those front and back touch screens.

Come March 26th, we'll be happily clanking our way back through the wonderfully rusted and puzzling world of Machinarium.