Today's featured cosplay is Kaiser Mony as Luke fon Fabre, the aristocratic protagonist of Tales of the Abyss!

And now we know why they call it Tales of the Abyss, judging by Kaiser Mony's bare midriff. Even more impressive is how she managed to get Luke's feathery hair just right. The more you look at it, the more it seems like it'll fly off and turn into a Phoenix! And it also looks like she got just about every detail of Luke's outfit correct, so kudos to her for appearing like she was just drawn by Kosuke Fujishima.

For those not familiar with the character, Luke fon Fabre was the whiny protagonist of Tales of the Abyss, charged with saving the world even though he didn't feel like it. But over the course of the adventure, he learned things about his past that changed everything and eventually turned his personality around. Kaiser Mony, or Monique, certainly conveys his initial smugness and carefree nature.

Monique is an artist with a lot of great work under her belt. She even got published in NewType USA, a fantastic anime magazine that's now out-of-print. But we're glad that she can also branch out to the world of cosplay and give us an amazing portrayal like this. In the About Me section of her online portfolio, Monique says, "I’m very fond of bright colours since I feel it reflects my optimistic personality. I enjoy making people smile or feeling any kind of emotions through my art."

Well, she definitely makes us smile with her Luke cosplay, which is like art coming to life. If you'd like to check out more of Monique's work, visit her Facebook, deviantART, or online portfolio!