Call in the kids, get in the cellar, and batten down the hatches — we've got a sidekick-off! Luigi and Tails play second fiddle to two of the biggest video game heroes of all time. For nearly three decades Luigi has bashed koopas and stomped goombas alongside his red-clad brother; he may not be as brave as Mario, but it's that lack of temerity which endears him to us. Similarly, Tails may not have the 'tude-tastic 'tude of Sonic, but he can friggin' fly. Plus, fun fact: Tails is actually a nickname. His real name is Miles Prower, which is a play on miles-per-hour. Anyone with a name that punny is pretty kickass in our books. BUT NOW, the question you've all been waiting for: which of these two sidekicks kicks the hardest?


Number of game appearances: Well over a hundred. Only Shigeru Miyamoto knows the exact number, and the only way he'll give up that info is for a piece of Triforce.


Number of solo games: Four


Best game he's ever starred in: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


Worst game he's ever been in: Mario Teaches Typing



Number of game appearances: 26


Number of solo games: Two


Best game he's ever starred in: Tails' Adventure. It may seem weird to put Tails in a Metroidvania-inspired adventure, but somehow this Game Gear title brought it all together and made magic.


Worst game he's ever been in: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


 Winner: Luigi!

Sorry, Tails fans, but this one wasn't even close. Tails has had a good career so far as a video game hero, but Luigi's has been epic. He's been in countless titles, fought countless baddies, and mastered countless sports, vehicles, and mini-games. He's so great that Nintendo dubbed 2013 "The Year of Luigi", and released several titles to highlight the green one himself.