Loot Crate is an monthly subscription service for "geek and gamer gear". Every month it comes out with a new box that is based around a specific theme and worth $40+ in retail value. There's also a chance to win the Mega Crate which has a retail value at $750. (Personally, I would have very much enjoyed the March Mega Crate.) This month's theme is battle and with it comes an awesome Mega Man short.

The short features everything a good movie ought to have--a villain, evil henchmen, a hero, an anti-hero, and a damsel in distress... or, in this case, two pretty indignant business men in distress. As always, Mega Man saves the day from the evil business-man-kidnapper, but at what cost? At four minutes long, it delivers an action-packed punch with an ending that will leave you with more questions than answers. For any Mega Man fans this short is a much watch. As it says in the video, it's made by the fans for the fans.

The short was released to give viewers a hint of what they should expect in the upcoming loot crate box. In the comments of the video, Loot Crate replied to a user asking about the box with, "We will give out more hints shortly, but Mega Man is just the tip of the iceberg!"

If you're interested in this Battle and Mega Man themed Loot Crate, there's still time left to order it for only $13.37.