With just a few days left until the formal Battlefield 4 reveal, EA and DICE have again teased the new sequel.

We've seen a trailer with some sea legs. We've gotten a glimpse at the ground battles. Now, DICE and EA have seen fit to take to the skies. This latest teaser is again very, very brief, but offers a look at a helicopter prepping for take off. Helicopters were in the previous game as well, but it should be comforting for Airwolves of all ages to know they'll be included in Battlefield 4 as well.

The sequel's reveal is set to go down at GDC on March 27th. In a few days we should learn much more about when and where to expect Battlefield 4, and just how to gain access to the beta scheduled for this fall.

You can check out the latest teaser below, and let us know what vehicle is your favorite to use in Battlefield in the comments.