Long-Awaited Space Crab Simulator Crabitron Finally Hits the App Store


Crabitron has been in the works for quite a while now. First announced in the summer of 2011, the "space crab simulator" from developer Two Lives Left has been under wraps pretty much ever since. Until now!

This wacky title puts you in control of a giant space crab that takes up a big chunk of screen real estate on your iPad. Exactly how does one control a giant space crab on an iPad? Why, with some of the most innovative and fun-looking controls we've seen yet.

With two different pinching gentures, you gain control of the crab's huge pincers from either side of your iPad, basically putting your own arms in control. It looks as cool as it sounds and is best realized through the video below:

Pinch your own copy of Crabitron from the App Store today!

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