Limited Edition Jak and Daxter Statue Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

Gaming Heads

Pre-orders have just started for this colorful and accurate statue of Jak and Daxter.

Gaming Heads' upcoming Jax and Daxter statue looks to be quite the excellent representation of the heroic duo -- it looks like they were pulled straight out of the game into real life. Standing at roughly 15 inches tall, this statue is vibrantly colored and very faithful to the Naughty Dog tag team. The look of this statue is inspired by how the duo appeared in Jak II. While it's $209.99 pricetag is a bit steep, there are only going to be 850 of these statues made total. Factor in the inevitable sequel/reboot of the series on next-gen consoles, and the value of this statue will likely rise.

You can pre-order this Jak and Daxter statue on Gaming Heads' official website. The statue itself is set to ship sometime in Q1 2015.

Gaming Heads
Gaming Heads
Gaming Heads
Gaming Heads
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